Apply for Paycheck Protection Program (PPP)

Program officially opens in Jan 2021. Applications are now open. Be the first to submit your application directly to SBA for the second round of the PPP loan.

It’s true… Most Self-Employed / 1099s don’t realize they can qualify for a Forgivable PPP Loan.

🔥 1-Day Approval, Deposited in 5-7 Days
🙏🏻 100% Forgivable
💰 2.5 Months of Earnings
💸 No Fees, Costs, Credit Check or Collateral

Take the 60sec Quiz to find out if you qualify, and how much you can get.

The PPP stands for the Paycheck Protection Program. It was supposed to give money to the businesses who needed it the most to keep more people working.

🏦 Round 1 – Banks Got Caught Red-Handed 🏦

In Round 1 – most self-employed people didn’t even realize they qualified.

But even if they did, they and most other small businesses couldn’t get access to the money.

Big banks only focused on big companies, to get bigger commissions… and they got caught red-handed.

But we’re now in round 2, and the rules are different. There’s more money specifically for small forgivable loans, and the process is much easier.

👋 We’re Unified Financial 👋

We’ve partnered with non-profit, community banks (FDIC Insured and CDFI) to help the over-looked.

After you take the quiz, you can apply on your phone or laptop in 5-10 minutes, get approved in 1 day, and get funds in 5-7 days.

You can even take pictures of your documents and upload them straight from your phone.

As soon as funds run out or the deadline hits, it’s too late.

Take the 60sec Quiz to find out if you qualify, and how much you can get, before the funds run